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“Each day we are challenged to be a healthy soma in a body-phobic culture - to breathe, move, wiggle and hum with delight is our birthright and our destiny.” - Jamie

“Jamie's workshops have felt spacious, light, tender and kind. I feel wholeheartedly nourished and closer to myself through his work. There is always something new I understand. I return home inspired and curious.” – Clarissa, Artist and Teacher

"Jamie's teachings and technologies of amplification, slowing down, bringing in breath or sound, repeating micro movements that come from a felt inner sensing, or working with opposite impulses (to name just a few!) help to bring a more intimate relationship with what is alive in the moment and what maybe wants to be born." - Jeremy, psychotherapist

Somatic Expression Calendar

Shown are course start dates. Click on course title for complete information.

I am committed to making this work accessible and affordable to all, and have created financial policies and options to support that vision. Click here for policies.

The calendar is constantly updated.
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December 2019

December 7: Introduction to Embodied Mindfulness Online

December 8: Embodied Mindfulness Online Retreat
Module 1

December 14: "Acts of Faith" - Benefit Performance Salon for The Sunrise Movement, Wildcat Studio, Berkeley, CA


February 2020

February 2, 9, 16, & 23: Embodied Mindfulness Online
Module 1

February 17-March 25: Thinking Body, Sensing Mind Online Online Class
Mondays & Wednesdays 8-8:45am Pacific Time


March 2020

March 1 & 8: Embodied Mindfulness Online
Module 1

March 15-21: 7 Days of Breathing Room Online
Free hour-long classes for calming COVID-19 anxiety

March 29-April 4: 7 Days of Breathing Room Online
Free hour-long classes for calming COVID-19 anxiety

March 30-April 10: Breathing Room Expanded Online
Free hour-long series of 3 classes for calming COVID-19 anxiety


April 2020

April 13-May 20: Thinking Body, Sensing Mind 6 week Online Class, Mondays & Wednesdays 9-10am Pacific Time

April 24, 26 & 28: The Moving Art of Breathing
Free 1 Hour Online Classes for Bay Area Dance Week


May 2020

May 19-27: Embodying Nature, Becoming Ourselves
Grenoble, France (postponed due to COVID-19)

May 29-31: Bringing Spirit into Form
Toulouse, France (postponed due to COVID-19)


June 2020

June 6-7: Inner and Outer Landscapes
Gottingen, Germany (postponed due to COVID-19)


September 2020

September 10-17: Embodying Nature Creative Incubation Retreat The Sea Ranch, CA

Emilie Conrad 1934-2014

My tribute video can be found here


Pomo Healer Lorin Smith

photo by Rick Chapman