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Doing this work in a room of others, the balance between feeling separate and wanting to be separate gets repeatedly challenged. This has taught me flexibility for being in relationship with myself and others."
- David, Realtor

Getting Involved

Somatic Expression workshops, trainings and individual sessions are primarily held at Sea Ranch (3 hours north of San Francisco) or online. Trainings and workshops are also held annually in Europe, primarily in Germany, France and/or Switzerland.

Introductory workshops are offered quarterly.

Classes are 6 week series.

Residential workshops are immersions in the natural environment. They occur at least twice a year on the northern California Coast or in the mountains of Oregon.

Trainings are ongoing, in-depth study that include theory, application and supervision.

Individual sessions are offered throughout the year in-person at Sea Ranch or via Skype.

Individualized Retreats at Sea Ranch are offered throughout the year by appointment.

For other locations in the United States and Europe, see the Calendar or contact Jamie for more information.

Thoughts on Payment

I have been offering classes and workshops since 1980, and individual sessions since 1990. I have always appreciated the diligence and perseverance of individuals working on themselves, and their trust in me as a guide.

I remain committed to making this work accessible and affordable to all. Barter, payment plans and/or a sliding scale are available to people in need. Feel free to contact me so we can make this work for both of us.

Somatic expression workshop