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"Jamie McHugh's teachings and technologies of amplification, slowing down, bringing in breath or sound, repeating micro movements that come from a felt inner sensing, or working with opposite impulses (to name just a few!) help to bring a more intimate relationship with what is alive in the moment and what maybe wants to be born." - Jeremy, psychotherapist

Financial Policies

The work of embodiment is so clearly needed now for the health of the human and planetary ecosystems. Most of us recognize this necessity. At the same time, undertaking this journey is a double-edged sword: alongside a deep yearning for being in contact with one’s nature is fear and deep-seated resistance for many people.

Given this ambivalence, many workshop leaders require total payment up front months in advance. Yet I know this can be financially difficult for people so I have created space in payments.

I also purposely keep my fees for services below market value to make this work accessible and affordable to all.

Discounts for early registration are offered, which are secured with a deposit and a statement of intention. Your deposit for a workshop or training is evidence of your commitment to our working relationship, and approach this relationship with utmost respect. I appreciate the opportunity to be your guide in this creative, transformative dialogue.

Naturally, catastrophic situations can arise, like a death in the family, so refunds are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Barter, payment plans and/or a sliding scale are also available to people in need. Feel free to contact me for options.

Jamie McHugh