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“To stop your mind does not mean to stop the activities of the mind. It means your mind pervades your whole body." - Shunryu Suzuki, Zen Master

"Happiness is not an individual matter. When you are able to bring relief, or bring back the smile to one person, not only that person profits, but you also profit. The deepest happiness you can have comes from that capacity to help relieve the suffering of others. So if we have the habit of being peace, then there is a natural tendency for us to go in the direction of service.” - Thich Nhat Hanh

The Power of the Pause: Breathing Room Online

Give yourself the gift of a pause and journey inside your breathing body!

Breathing Room began as 7 days of breathing room in mid-March 2020 as the pandemic struck the global community to help lower the collective anxiety level.

7 consecutive days of drop-in sessions were followed by bi-monthly free Breathing Room sessions over the next 3 years.

Breathing Room was retired on July 30, 2023. You can experience the last session HERE

360-Degree Belly Breathing offers a practical experience of collaborating with your central diaphragm - the primary mover of your respiration - to dissipate anxiety, stabilize attention and settle within.

This practice focuses on accessing and expressing the movement of the breath in its three dimensionality - to the front, to the back, to the sides, and in all directions simultaneously.

A seven minute introduction is followed by a 37-minute spaciously guided practice so you can relax into yourself while exploring this essential, fundamental movement of life.

Download Class hand-out HERE

More ongoing explorations of the breath in sitting and in lying down can be found in these 2 online class series:

Embodied Mindfulness - An easily repeatable daily somatic sitting practice designed for the modern body/mind.

Thinking Body, Sensing Mind - Clear your mind and regenerate your body with guided somatic breath streams in a relaxed rhythm of movement and stillness while lying down.

Jamie McHugh

"Thank you Jamie for your work, for your journeys from the outside in with physical stepping stones that help me to anchor in and connect with the physicality of my being. It is truly a treasure for me." - Elisabeth, Teacher