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“I appreciate that the information has been synthesized in a clear way. This body of work provides a balance of non-authoritative structure with kindness, self-permission, and luxuriating that feels like a necessary and exciting piece. It fills the gap of "what's been missing" in previous experiences of meditation for me.” - Malia

"Thank you Jamie for your work, for your journeys from the outside in with physical stepping stones that help me to anchor in and connect with the physicality of my being. It is truly a treasure for me." - Elisabeth, Teacher

Module 1: Content, Dates & fees

PDF Version Here

Module 1 and 2 can be taken independently for personal or professional enrichment. If you are interested in certification, see the Module 2-3 information HERE

Free Introductory Session
November 12, 2023
9-10am PT / noon-1pm ET/ 18-19:00 CET
Register here

2024 Winter Online Series

12 Tuesdays, January 9-April 2, 2024
10-11:30 AM West Coast; 1-2:30 PM East Coast; 7-8:30 PM Europe (no class March 12)

2024 Fall Online Series

12 Tuesdays, October 1-December 17, 2024
10-11:30 AM West Coast; 1-2:30 PM East Coast; 7-8:30 PM Europe

Embodied Mindfulness: A Somatic-Expressive Approach to Stillness is an easily repeatable daily somatic sitting practice for cultivating greater degrees of comfort, patience and perspective. Designed for the modern body/mind, these embodied practices orchestrate somatic activities of breath, vocalization, contact, and movement to occupy attention, settle the body and dwell within your own interior. Stillness arises of its own accord through active collaboration with the stability of your structure and the mobility of your breath.

module 1 overview

This is for anyone who would like to explore various somatic options for a body-oriented contemplative practice.

Module 1 consists of twelve live weekly online classes, video recordings of all practices and theory, and two individual consultations. Over the course of the program, you will accumulate a broad-based repertoire of 24 different somatic sitting practices.

These somatically informed practices:
- Introduce basic anatomy touchstones for objective information and orientation to the landscape of the body

- Highlight a felt experience of one’s body from the inside out for subjective information

- Integrate the somatic technologies of breath, vocalization, self-contact, movement and stillness into a comprehensive template for bodily awareness and emotional well-being

Having varied choices for self-engagement creates a responsive daily practice based on your “inner weather” and particular needs.

Therapists, coaches, yoga and movement teachers of all types, as well as people seeking more calm and ease in their lives, can benefit from this integrative approach to the body and its expression of lively stillness.


Each 90 minute class session includes two unique 20 minute guided practices with exploratory time, followed by
interactive dialogue, reflective response, and theory.

Practice recordings are available for repeating and integrating the material during the week, with a daily 15-20” practice acting as the keystone for this module.

Two individual consultations focusing on practice and theory are included for more personalized attention.

Sliding Scale: $400-850 (according to economic means)

Fees include 18 hours of live online classes over 12 weeks, recordings of all class sessions with 24 practices, handouts, recommended readings, and 2 individual online consultations.

To register:

1) Send an email confirming Fall or Winter participation to somaticxpress@proton.me

2) And send sliding scale payment to any of these options:

- Wise HERE with payment to: naturebeingart@gmail.com (Preferred method for people overseas)

- Paypal HERE

- Check to Jamie McHugh, 181 Wagon Wheel Drive, Kinderhook, NY 12106

Jamie McHugh


How this online training is unique

Live, interactive sessions

Small group size for individual attention and relevant information

Each person's individual adaptations and responses are encouraged and valued

Each person receives two individual consults to fine tune practice

Primary emphasis is on discovering somatic stillness through breath, movement, self-contact and vocalization