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"There’s a swing and sway in the breath that replicates the swing and sway of emotional and mental responses. People are able to experience their stories in a less emotionally charged way, and find new pathways to problem solving. Folks find acceptance of their circumstances, without falling into the numbness of dull resignation or the problematic dynamic of impulsive reactivity. Embodied Mindfulness practices access the wisdom of the body, and shift that wisdom from the localized sensations of the movement of breath in the body to the globalized array of choices that are available to release, change and growth in one’s life. - Kate Cleary

"At the traditional meditation centers, I often had a feeling of constriction, as well as the sense I had to
repress natural impulses and longings for movement that would arise during the sits. It felt like my
thinking mind told my breath and my body how to be in stillness and what to do - mainly through telling
them to be still and to shut up. Through the Embodied Mindfulness approach I feel that my body and my breath is sensed and opened so deeply that it just knows naturally how to rest deeper and explore the intervals of stillness and movement. My breath informs my mind, not the other way around." - Caroline Kleindienst

Certified Embodied Mindfulness Practitioners

All the listed practitioners have studied extensively with me and completed all 3 modules of the Embodied Mindfulness Leadership Training. They have each embodied the fundamentals of this practice and embellished the work with their own unique application.

Below you will find their contact information along with a link to a PDF describing their perspective on Embodied Mindfulness. As you can see from the excerpts in the sidebars, each practitioner expresses the work with their own unique voice.

I endorse each of these practitioners and highly recommend their work. Please contact them directly for their current programs.

We also have an Embodied Mindfulness Teachers Network Events page on Facebook here


Kate Cleary - Austin, Texas, USA

A Somatic Memoir




Isabelle Jubert - Grenoble, France

Honoring My Soma

Languages: French and English



Caroline Kleindienst - Maui, Hawaii, USA

Resting in Stillness
Languages: English and German



+1 (808) 280-6409


Elisabeth Wille - Innsbruck, Austria

My Journey with Embodied Mindfulness

Languages: German and English





Jamie McHugh


"My emotional edges
softened while my tolerance and my ability to love grew. I experienced myself as calmer, more
spacious, deeply nourished and softer. My capacity to just be with what is and to rest in my own
structure developed. I attribute this to daily granting myself a secure amount of time for my practice. Exclusive time, I realized, has something to do with excluding other things. And if I attend to my practice, spaciousness is created within that is then transferred to the outer world." - Elisabeth Wille