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“There is a point where, in the mystery of existence, contradictions meet: where movement is not all movement and stillness is not all stillness; where the idea and the form, the within and the without, are united; where infinite becomes finite, but not.” - Rabindranath Tagore

Embodied Mindfulness Online Training

The Embodied Mindfulness Online Training is an in-depth immersion into the practice and theory of Embodied Mindfulness as developed by Jamie McHugh.

Embodied Mindfulness expands on traditional mindfulness practice by adding somatic awareness and response, making the art of stillness more body-centered, interactive and accessible to the modern mind.

The five somatic technologies - breath, vocalization, contact, movement and stillness - are used in conjunction with body mapping to give a comprehensive, pragmatic understanding of how to diversify contemplative practice with participatory action.

Therapists, coaches, yoga and movement teachers of all types, as well as people seeking more calm and ease in their lives, can benefit from this integrative approach to the body and its expression of lively stillness.

The complete training is conducted in three modules online to satisfy various interests and degrees of study.

  • Module 1 guides you in the Embodied Mindfulness protocol of 24 unique practices in 3 months and can be taken on its own.
  • Module 2 prepares you to guide individuals and groups.
  • Module 3 supports your teaching out in the world through supervision and culminates in certification.

Successful completion of all 3 modules leads to certification as an Embodied Mindfulness practitioner - find current Certified Embodied Mindfulness practitioners HERE

Jamie McHugh


“When I teach this work, I see this seemingly simple practice excite other people; they deepen into their awareness and attention to movement in themselves, and allow their curiosity to lead them and give them permission to experiment on their path of experiencing sensation.”
- Judith, Somatic Movement Therapist