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“My intention is to present nature being art, not nature as figurative landscape but as contemporary contemplative abstract painting.” - Jamie

Nature Being Art

Modern Contemplative Art: Still Moving

I have been a photographer of nature’s body for 35 years. Somatic Expression classes are designed to reveal life evolving within the human body. Similarly, my photographs capture life unfolding outside of your own skin. I am intrigued by the creativity of biology, and how we can aesthetically explore our inner and outer nature.

Photographing nature is a similar process to somatically exploring the body: focusing attention, feeling inner movement, exploring different angles and discovering something new. Both body and nature are complex, intelligent landscapes that require time and patience to understand. I unplug my modern brain, and slow down into body and earth time - somatic tools soften the boundary between my body and the environment, bringing me more fully into the present moment. And by connecting to my surroundings viscerally, I have a sense of returning - to my roots as a primal being on a mysterious and magnificent planet.

This intimate exchange between place, moment and being is the essence of the images. See my art at www.NatureBeingArt.org

Jamie McHugh