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"We have a rich cross-cultural legacy of both contemplative and expressive practices at our disposal. How do we draw upon and update them to meet the conditions of the modern mind living in an industrialized body within an urban environment?"

Articles & Video/Audio Interviews


Neo-Luddite of the Dance Interview - Victoria Thomas (2021)

Mindful Movement Book Review PDF (2017)

Embodying Nature, Becoming Ourselves (2017) PDF

The Planetary Dance (2016) PDF

Embodied Mindfulness - The Art of Stillness (2016) PDF

Anna Halprin 95th Birthday Tribute (2015) PDF

Movement as Medicine: Body Wisdom for Modern Times - Independent Coast Observer (2009) PDF

Geneva Interview - 360 Magazine (2007)

Soma Play with Gay Men - Yogi Times (2006) PDF

The Five Technologies of Somatic Expression (2005) PDF

Two Breath Meditations (2002) PDF

Somatic-Expressive Practice in a Post 9/11 World (2001) PDF

EarthBody - BodyEarth (2001) PDF

Thoughts on Somatics and the Earth Body (2000) PDF

Alive at the Edge: Journeying Through Hope and Fear - Contact Quarterly (2000) PDF

video interviews & Presentations

Breathing Room: 360 Degree Belly Breathing
Guided Practice (2023)

Shift Network Somatic Movement Summit Interview with Dr Martha Eddy (2023)

Sentient Performativities Conference Plenary (2022)

The Embodiment Conference: Research and Ecology Channel (2020)

Art Talks with Narelle Carter-Quinlan (2020)

Portrait by Jens Wazel (2019)

Introduction to Somatic Expression - Sacred Science (2016)

Breath - The Wild Self (2010)

Original Grace - The Wild Self (2010)


Audio Interviews

One in Nature Podcast - Becoming Intimate with the Body of Nature Interview with Pamela Wirth (2022)

The Sidewalk Talk Podcast - Breathing Room Interview with Traci Ruble (2020)

The Embodiment Podcast: Somatics 2.0 - Interview with Mark Walsh (2019)

Our Bodies and Earth – Interview with Stefana Serafina (2016)

Embodying Nature – Interview with Teri Carter (2016)

Embodied Mindfulness – Interview with Brooke Thomas (2015)

Being A Body In The World – Interview with Julie Stiles (2014)


Jamie's Columns from the Monthly Aspectarian Magazine:

Jamie with dancer Anna Halprin


Jamie with Pomo Healer Lorin Smith