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“Each day we are challenged to be a wise body in a body-phobic culture, to breathe, move, wiggle and hum." - Jamie

“As a gay man who’s body shame often comes into play, learning to first listen and then follow my body's impulses is empowering. Where caution is often the norm, Somatic Expression impacts my ability to feel and to be powerful. Doing this work in a room of others, the balance between feeling separate and wanting to be separate is repeatedly challenged, teaching me flexibility with myself and in relationship with others." - David, Realtor

Courses Listed by Title

Please note - not all classes are currently scheduled. Follow links below or see the Calendar for information on when specific courses are offered.

Embodied Mindfulness Leadership Training

Embodying Archetypal Images of Health: Creator, Destroyer, Protector

Embodying Nature Retreats

Movement as Medicine: For People with Life-Threatening Illness

The Moving Art of Breathing

Planetary Dance Facilitator Training

Somatic Expression Training Program

Thinking Body, Sensing Mind Class