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“In this workshop, we will use methods from Somatic Expression for effectively transforming the anxiety, fear and depression that accompany chronic health conditions."

Movement as Medicine:
Invoking the Power of Body Wisdom

Movement is the language of life. From the pulsing of the fluid systems to the flow of your breathing, the ecosystem of your body maintains its health and well-being through a coordinated pattern of interrelated rhythms. Illness disrupts the harmony of these natural rhythms and throws your body/mind into chaos. Along with standard medical treatment for illness, there is also the indigenous medicine in your body hardwired by nature for self-regulation. Breath, vocalization, contact, movement and stillness are these five inner technologies. As differing forms of movement, each of these technologies are practical antidotes to the inner incoherence produced by the anxiety, fear and depression that naturally accompany chronic health conditions.

In this workshop, you will be introduced to simple, accessible and pleasurable practice for quieting your mind and energizing your body. These practices create new options for collaborating with your body and maximizing your quality of life. This approach to movement and body wisdom is pleasurable, low impact and non-threatening.

I offered Movement as Medicine retreats annually from 1998-2007 through the Swiss AIDS Federation for HIV+ people, and as classes for people with cancer from 1991-96.

Somatic expression workshop.