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"The great sea has sent me adrift;
it moves me
like a reed in a great river.
Earth and the great weather move me,
have carried me away,
and fill my inward parts with joy." - Uvavnuk, an Iglulik Eskimo woman shaman

"Whenever we touch nature we get clean. People who have got dirty through too much civilization take a walk in the woods, or a bath in the sea. Entering the unconscious, entering yourself through dreams, is touching nature from the inside and this is the same thing, things are put right again." - CG Jung

Rest, Regenerate and Renew: A Creative Incubation Retreat @ The Sea Ranch, CA September 7-15, 2019

Retreat begins at 4pm on September 7 and ends at 1pm on September 15

This retreat is designed for the creative explorer who desires self-styled open space and time within a mutually supportive group container that focuses on the confluence of somatics, the expressive arts (dance, song, art and/or writing), and the natural environment.

Participants will gather each morning as a group to be guided in somatic practices of breath, vocalization, contact, intrinsic movement and stillness to generate a repertoire of inner attunement resources. We then go out to our chosen spot in the environment for the day (woods, beaches, creeks, and rock formations) with a specified sensory focus to generate a lively relationship with place and self-directed explorations.

The fees for this retreat are purposefully below standard rates to encourage dedicated participation at all levels. In this spirit of dedicated participation, you are encouraged to disconnect from the outer world as much as you are possibly able - like a mini vision quest with a bit of digital detox thrown in for good measure!

On day 7 of the retreat, each participant will share their creative work up until this point with others - as witnesses or as active participants. Each participant will also be responsible for submitting a self-curated collection of images (stills and/or video) and writings within a month after the training. This collection of images and writings will be selectively included in the Embodying Nature manual, a curated collection of resources, activities, and various progressions of this method used over the years.

The site of our retreat - The Sea Ranch - has a long history of creative exploration and innovation, beginning with the design of this community development, continuing with the collaborative workshops between dancer Anna Halprin and landscape artist Lawrence Halprin in the 1960s and 70s, and countless other retreats. There are also community heated outdoor pools and saunas to add a bit of comfort to your experience.

Fees: Shared room: $675 - Single room: $925

  • 8 nights of lodging
  • Teaching
  • Audio recordings of practice and theory
  • Embodying Nature manual
  • Individual consult online with Jamie for transition and assimilation post-retreat.

Fees are for registrations received by July 15, 2019; $100 additional afterwards if space is available

Not included:
Food. Due to the wide range of dietary considerations, each person is responsible for their own food, with meals prepared as desired - solo or with others. Basics will be on hand such as spices, oil and vinegar, etc. - a full list will be sent upon registration. There is also a fairly good market 10 minutes away from where we are staying; specialty items should be purchased in advance enroute.

Transportation. The Sea Ranch is 3 hours north of the Bay Area and is not accessible through public transportation. You will need to bring your own car or share with another participant. There will be a van with places for three people and their luggage leaving the Bay Area on Saturday, September 7 and returning on Sunday, September 15 for $90 R/T.

Group size is limited to 10 - register early to guarantee your place. A $300 deposit + application will hold your place. Application HERE

Payments: Your remaining balance is due August 15 unless prior arrangements are made.