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We participate in our own evolution by honoring body wisdom, nurturing our nature and embodying new ways of being.

“If you can walk, you can dance. If you can talk, you can sing.” - Pygmy saying

As an element of nature living in a virtual world, your soma requires daily tending. Using the five technologies and nurturing your inner ecosystem is essential; making time for practice creates a regenerative oasis in the midst of the hurlyburly modern life.

Somatic Expression®

Your body is an evolving expression of nature - the inner ecosystem is intrinsically woven into the larger body of the world. Somatic Expression® is an integrative approach to the art and science of being an expressive body on Earth.

Somatic Expression is a new model for healing the split between the body of culture (psyche) and the body of nature (soma) by uncovering the body’s own innate natural technologies:






By exploring your own body from the inside out with these fundamentals and igniting your aliveness, an intimate dialogue is able to unfold with your inner ecosystem. Your body wisdom, informed by a modern mind, grows through inquiry and practice, which increases your comfort, ease, pleasure and grace in daily life.

Developed by Jamie McHugh over the past 35 years, this innovative model for the study of the Somatic-Expressive Arts is informed by traditions centered on the wisdom of the moving body. These include Dance Therapy, Somatic Education, Indigenous and Expressive Dance, as well as current research in the fields of mind/body medicine, neuroscience, somatic psychology and trauma studies.

The primary influences on Somatic Expression are Body-Mind Centering®, Continuum, and Tamalpa Life/Art Process.

People of all ages and backgrounds worldwide have experienced the benefits of Somatic Expression - from universities to clinics to studios.

Jamie offers Somatic Expression retreats and trainings internationally.

He also offers individual sessions on Whidbey Island, and more in-depth individualized retreats at Sea Ranch.

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Somatic Expression® is registered service mark of Jamie McHugh