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“Jamie's workshops have felt spacious, light, tender and kind. I feel wholeheartedly nourished and closer to myself through his work. There is always something new I understand. I return home inspired and curious.” – Clarissa, Artist and Teacher

"When there has been a radical split, a somatic container must be prepared to receive the psychic labor. There must be a greeting of the spirit, a chalice to receive the wine." - Marion Woodman

“If you go to thinking, take your heart with you. If you go to love, take your head with you. Love is empty without thinking, thinking hollow without love.” - C.G. Jung


Somatica Poetica series 1 & 2
summer 2020 COVID-19 EDITION

Series 1: August 9, 23 & September 6 9:30-11:30am Pacific Time

Series 2: August 9, 23 & September 6
4-6pm Pacific Time


As we go deeper into relaxing the stranglehold of the mind and attune more to inner sensory experience through somatic explorations, ordinary thinking patterns are temporarily eclipsed by swatches of images, sensations and feelings.

The transitional zone between the inner landscape of the body and the outer environment is a fertile place for creative meanderings and imaginings.

The question then becomes: “How can we employ the same degree of the open-ended freedom used in the somatic journeys with written/spoken expression, evoke essential language and support aesthetic integration across the board?”

In this series, guided somatic explorations are followed by space for writing and time for embodied reading to harvest what has surfaced in the pre-verbal realm.

Open to those with experience in somatic-expressive work, these sessions are offered by donation/pay what you can to support the current financial uncertainty in the world due to COVID-19.

Interested? 2 hour introductory session on July 12 - Information HERE

To Register:

1) Send an email HERE confirming the Series (1 or 2) you wish to attend

2) Send your pay what you can donation through Paypal HERE
or with a check to Jamie McHugh, PO Box 250, Albion, CA 95410



“Bringing broad knowledge and understanding of the human being, Jamie opens up a world of experiencing your body from the inside out. I have learned so much and value what he offers; in today's times of 'disconnect', his work truly allows us to access what is important and meaningful.” - Joy, Dancer and Teacher

"As I see it, the deepest lack of Western cultures is any true workable system for teaching a process of integration between soul and body." - Ruth St. Denis, modern dance pioneer